Hot and Cold

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Dressing for the seasons is all about marrying form with function. Imagine you are sitting in a hammock sipping a glass of ice-cold lemonade. You are wearing a sundress and enjoying the warmth of the season. Now imagine that sundress is made out of black corduroy or denim. The situation doesn't seem as comfortable, does it?

When you dress for the seasons, watch the color you are wearing and the fabric your clothes are made of. Wool is definitely a winter fabric while gingham is best for the summer. You don't need to have a tailor's knowledge of the different fabrics, just feel a piece of clothing before you buy it and determine if it will be comfortable or not (or just look at the tag to see what it is made of).

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Colors are important too. If you are wearing a black T-shirt in the sun, you will likely sweat more than if you are wearing a white or yellow shirt. Certain colors, like black, absorb more light and thus heat than the other colors. If you want to stay really warm on your ski trip, find a black coat.

Remember it is possible to overdo it in certain situations. If you wear a black ski coat, you may stay too warm while enjoying the slopes. If you find a short dress made of thin fabric, you may be too exposed to the sun and get a sunburn. Avoid sweating by finding a good balance between form and function as well as between warm and cool.

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